Advalio delivered the Xcal-MO platform which is a 2G3G4G radio benchmarking
solution that can interface with 20 mobile phones at the same time in parallel.
It’s an excellent solution that reduce overall cost with flexibility and portability

Advalio accomplished successfully the full telecom installation, integration and
acceptance of 27 2G3G4G radio sites using Huawei Technology.

Advalio has been involved in many key projects as listed here below:
• U900 Radio Implementation and Optimization
• Radio Design Engineering
• PNHD project

Advalio’s Technical Consultant has been approached by Ericsson Morocco to
collaborate on the Huawei -> Ericsson RAN swap project Insurance (Initial
Tuning, optimization and acceptance). The project scope was ~1200 radiosites.

Advalio succeeded to build bridge of trust with customers from abroad. We
successfully delivered more than 150 radio benchmarking reports of European
operators including 2G3G voice, CSFB, VoLTE and UL/DL FTP. Also we
handled for more than 2 years the responsibility of the technical support of
QoS/QoE tools for many customers (both in Africa & Europe).

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