2G3G4G sites installation and health check

Our team is involved in the complete 4G, 5G radio sites installation and health check.


Advalio can ensure DT and optimization teams for all telecom market players and for all technologies. The service can cover: Site Verification, Cluster’s optimization, regular DT, service verification, reporting with recommended actions, etc.


It’s important to follow the network KPI’s dashboard and to create enhanced formulas to assess the end user perception. Our consultants can use all the vendor and/or operator’s performance tools.

Advalio Academy

Advalio Academy is a training center that covers both theoretical and practical aspects on all network parts and for all technologies.
The training can be carried out on customer premises or on a dedicated center.


Audit Et Reporting

Thanks to its valuable experience, Advalio can help the customer to audit its network, unify the adopted technical strategies, build a reference database and get the best optimal settings.
This task can cover air interface, radio interface and different network element of RAN. It can be extended to all network including transmission and core network aspects with help of external expertise.

Mobile Apps & APIs

Saving time & effort by building Mobile APIs

Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics keeps traffic routes open, Track the navigation path, Restful APIs for mobile apps in Logistics, IoT in Logistics, Machine Learning in Logistics

Machine learning, analytics and data visualizations

Smart decisions