As a very strategical point, Advalio started extending its services and sharing the expertise to/with
other African Countries. We built a formal partner with local provider in Ivory Cost and we’re working
on other countries that will be disclosed soon.


Advalio was contracted to support Moroccan operator for its radio optimization on the areas that are
part of the PNHD project.


We finalized an agreement with our French Tools & Services partner to carry out an advanced on-job
training of one of its Junior but highly motivated engineers for 3 months period in Paris.


Since January 2019 and because of its commitment for being up-to-date with the major technology evolution, Advalio was being involved on the first 5G live network testing in one of the biggest
telecom operators in France.
It was an excellent opportunity for Advalio to participate on the performances assessment of
different antenna types (64T, 32T & 8T), Beamforming techniques, Coverage SSB, UL/DL throughput
vs CSI-RS, Dual Connectivity, Signaling, etc.
If you are interested to know more about this project, please get in touch with us.


We have been selected by one abroad customer to provide the detailed benchmarking report of 4
Europeen operators on 2G3G4G: Voice CSFB, VoLTE, FTP DL & FTP UL.


Advalio delivered a benchmarking platform called Xcal-MO that supports up to 20 simultaneous
connected mobiles with 2G3G4G technologies. It was the first big 2G3G4G testing platform in


Thanks to its radio expertise, Advalio has been approached by Inwi to support the u900 radio
implementation and optimization

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